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Places To Visit In Mozambique (Africa)

Mozambique is a crescent-shaped tourist hotspot in the Eastern south of Africa although it is often off most trip maps. Those who know its stretched coasts find the experience and opportunities unmatchable. From vast coastlines with sand dunes to the beautiful turquoise waters of Indian Ocean, well-preserved corals and opportunities for adventure and cultural immersion, there are simply many places to go in Mozambique (Africa). It is upon you to make a decision based on your individual needs to derive the best experience and enjoy the cultures, lifestyle, accommodations, food, adventure and attractions. Here, however, is a list of some of the best places you can visit, and it is guaranteed you will have a memorable experience that will bring you back again and again.

• The Bazaruto Archipelago
Mozambique is quite cherished by many tourists for its endless beaches and while sand, but more interestingly for the beautiful remote archipelagos. You will enjoy the clearest of turquoise waters, variety of fish species and shoals of colorful ones too. The preserved corals, dune-embraced beaches and individual uniqueness of each island in the archipelago are not enough reason. Bazaruto comprises six different including the amazing Santa Carolina that coral reefs very close to the shore. Bazaruto archipelago indeed fits its proclaimed status as a marine national park that boasts picturesque scenery and breathtaking beaches.

• The Quirimbas Archipelago
Another amazing place to visit in Mozambique (Africa). Characterized by sensational beaches, and deep waters, this place will attract many enthusiasts and adventure tourists as it has some of the best diving sites. The archipelago has about 32 islands that stretch up to the Tanzanian border. You will enjoy dynamic changes as you visit different islands, and there is also the Quirimbas National Park where you can catch beautiful sights of dynamic wildlife. The vibrant attractions and degree of conservation depicted is simply incredible. The islands are included in the UNESCO’s tentative World Heritage Sites list.

• Pemba
While Mozambique is known for its 1500+ miles coastlines, the nature of activities done in the town centers is not far behind. From a vivacious nightlife culture and town life activities, Pemba is one of the best port cities to visit in Mozambique. It is Cabo Delgado’s capital and famous as a tourist destination for diving, water sports, and site seeing. The destination also boasts good transportation and access networks. Enjoy the beautiful coral reefs at the beach and immerse yourself into the local port-life cultures and enjoy various traditional and hybrid cuisines.

• The Niassa Reserve
When you visit Cabo Delgado Province, Niassa Reserve is a place you will seldom leave without visiting. It is the countries largest natural reserve. Although critics suggest the conservation and development measurements in place limit tourism potential, this reserve offers nature’s richness like no other place. Enjoy a dynamic landscape that comprises rich ecosystems. You will find Africa’s wild dog population, elephants, leopards, several bird species, Cape buffalos and the endemic Johnston’s impalas and Boehm’s zebras.
There are many other places to visit in Mozambique as this country features a perfect balance of townscapes and remote rural landscape. Catch all the activity by visiting the above-mentioned places and explore Africa’s attractions first hand.